Here is the place to remember our classmates that have passed before their time.  If you have a story or special memory about anyone listed here please click on their name and share your thoughts with the rest of us.

If you know of another classmate that has passed and should be honored please let us know. 

We are keeping this site for the long-run so if you learn that one of our friends/classmates passes we are more than happy to send out an email from the site to announce memorial services or details.  We know that when a friend dies it can be very difficult to reach the people who may want to know so we are happy to help.

Please send us a direct email or use the link at the bottom of the page to submit details. 

We are required to have specific details/documentation before we can add a classmate to this list.  Hope everyone understands.




By Year Deceased Alphabetically West '82 Alumni Photo

David April (Deceased 2012)  
Stuart Barragan (Deceased 2022)  
Carl Bryant (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Andrew Butler (Deceased 2017)  
Eric Fix (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Todd Frerichs (Deceased 2014)  
Michael Gaffney (Deceased Year Unknown)  
J. Michael Glazebrook (Deceased 2014)  
James Hopper (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Jeffrey Kester (Deceased 2015)  
Michael Lewis (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Craig Massengill (Maszer) (Deceased 2011)
John Moellenhoff (Deceased 2023)  
Todd Morey (Deceased 2022)  
Scott Morris (Deceased 2019)  
Michele Raffel (Rath) (Deceased 2015)  
Paul Reinsmith (Deceased 1995)
Lynnette Rife (Ford) (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Joseph Riordan (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Laura Straub (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Peter Stucki (Deceased 2016)  
Steven Tomey (Deceased 2017)  
Kenneth Tweedy (Deceased 1985)  
Renee Wezeman (Sigmund) (Deceased 2022)

If you are aware of a West '82 Alumni who should be added to this page please let us know.